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An Italian Valentine's Dinner - One to Remember at the Chadbourn Depot Musuem

An Italian Valentine's Dinner - One to Remember at the Chadbourn Depot Musuem

We are lucky enough at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce & Tourism to know of many activities throughout Columbus County and beyond. this past weekend was no exception!  Friday found volunteers for Columbus County's Teen Court hosting a pork chop fundraiser. The food was delicious, and the hearts preparing the meal dedicated to its success to fund the ever-rising costs of this program. Inflation affects non-profit endeavors as well as for-profit businesses.  

With Friday's lunch behind us, we prepared for the weekend and the Chadbourn Depot Museum's Italian Valentine's Dinner.   Volunteers who donate time, energy, sweat, and probably a few tears combined forces with West Columbus High School students, First Hope Foundation, and Brown Street Station owner Greg Thompson for a fun-filled evening. The rain in the forecast for Saturday delivered a soggy arrival and departure from the Depot. Still, gentlemen with umbrellas greeted the guests at their automobiles to shield them from the precipitation.   We were shown into a warm interior where tables were beautifully adorned with red tablecloths, table decor, and candy hearts besieging the guests to be their Valentines.   

The friendly and polite young ladies from West Columbus High School served a delicious lasagna, salad, cannoli, fudge, and refreshments.   The glasses at our table stayed full throughout the evening, and the conversation was pleasant. However, the evening did not end there. The guests were treated to a version of the Newlywed Game with four couples who volunteered, while Greg played game show host.  

If you have friends, you know the game was a friendly competition, and the audience would not have laughed at the participants expense...well, it was kind-hearted fun! After a round with the husbands and the wives, the game was complete with a winner, but there were no losers either. The evening began to wind down, and guests donned raincoats, found umbrellas and the young men appeared with them again to ensure guests returned to their vehicles as dry as possible.

It was a good evening, and only $30.00 per guest. There are few venues one can attend for $60.00 as a couple and support the community they call home. The Chadbourn Depot Museum volunteers welcomed the community and friends to the Depot for a Christmas Tree Lighting in December, and now they have brought us in February.   What do they have planned next?  Easter was mentioned, though I'm unsure of the plans, and the committee is most likely in the early planning stage. So be on the lookout for the next event at the Chadbourn Depot Museum and other venues.  

We have many jewels in Columbus County, and many historical places require continued care to keep them safe and attractive for us to visit and to bring tourists to Columbus County who will leave money in our towns and cities, thereby helping our economies.   Please consider supporting the events you see advertised, and posted on social media, hear about them by word of mouth, and help spread the word.  There are many ways to help our community, some may have funds to donate, others may have time and sweat equity, while others may be the voice to increase the positivity of the volunteer efforts that are present throughout Columbus County.  The volunteers are dedicated to the projects they participate in, and you see so many of the same faces on multiple committees.  If you don't volunteer and have time, please consider joining a committee or a team working on a project.   

Most importantly, become familiar with Columbus County and all it has to offer.   Everything is imperfect, but with enough work and effort, everything can improve.  Each step taken towards improvement makes a difference, and our positive presentation to the community and strangers will make Columbus County stronger.

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