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2023 NC Year of the Trail - Lake Waccamaw State Park

2023 NC Year of the Trail - Lake Waccamaw State Park

The 2023 NC Year of the Trail is the largest statewide celebration of trails and outdoor recreation in North Carolina history. Did you know North Carolina's trails are the backbone of our growing $28 billion outdoor recreation economy? 

The Year of the Trail was designed to inspire people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to explore the trails and emphasize the trails' importance to elected officials who could help with funding. This campaign should boost outdoor recreation tourism across North Carolina, promote the safe and responsible use of trails and advance diversity and inclusion on our trails.

Columbus County is home to some fantastic outdoor trails!   Lake Waccamaw State Park is located on the shores of the largest Carolina bay, and Lake Waccamaw is one of 500,000 mysterious craters.   It is one of a few that contains open water instead of vegetation.   The Lake is home to several aquatic species found nowhere else.  

Lake Waccamaw offers four primitive group camping areas nestled beneath beautiful trees.   There is a fifth campsite, a yurt campsite with a permanent tent. The sites have picnic tables, fire circles, charcoal grills, and pit toilets nearby.   The Campsites are hike-in campsites and do not have water or electricity. Campers must check in at the visitor center or with a range before occupying a campsite.

Lake Waccamaw State Park offers several trails for outdoor enthusiasts rated as easy in reviews.   Plan a visit to enjoy one or more of the trails.   Trails include the Boardwalk Trail, Overlook Trail, Lakeshore Trail, Loblolly Trial, Connector Trail, and Pine Wood Trail.  Explore these trails, and you may glimpse the rare venus flytrap.   

If you are up for the challenge, you can walk around the perimeter of Lake Waccamaw's 14-mile shoreline using the pedestrian bridge over the Waccamaw Dam.  Remember that Take the Lake is returning over Labor Day Weekend this year.  It is a beautiful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Lake Waccamaw and experience the hospitality of its residents and business owners.

For more information on events happening throughout the year in the Town of Lake Waccamaw, please visit their website at  Make plans to visit the Lake Waccamaw State Park by visiting the NC Division of Parks & Recreation website at   You can also read the trails' reviews, length, and estimated hike completion times at All Trail's website at

If you are interested in the history and exciting future plans for the Lake Waccamaw State Park, be sure to view the Lake Waccamaw State Park General Management Plan online at  

Discover the amazing 954 square miles we call home has to offer, and invite your family and friends!


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